City of Fifty Lakes, MN

Fire Relief Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm
Fire and Rescue Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm

Fire & Rescue

Jesse Anderson


Ed Shetka


Keith FitzPatrick



  • Jesse Anderson
  • Mark Bradley
  • Andy Hemphill
  • Dawn Fitzpatrick
  • Keith Fitzpatrick
  • D. Eng
  • Jacob Grecula
  • Becky Grecula
  • Brandon Peterson
  • Cassie Sullivan
  • Will Lyke
  • W. Anderson
  • B. Mileski
  • Tom Stober
  • Jill Radman
  • Jacob Moser
  • Samual “Bud” Vipperman
  • A. Anderson
  • S. Case 

The Fifty Lakes City Council, 

Fire and Rescue Department,

and Community would like to Thank Jeanne Bradley for her 25 years of Service on the Fire and Rescue Department. Your Dedication and time is so greatly appreciated. 

          THANK YOU Jeanne Bradley!


*Pictured Left to Right*

Mark Bradley (Council/ Fire Dept.)

Toni Buchite (Mayor)

Jeanne Bradley 

Gary Staples (Council Member)

Jill Radman (Council/ Fire Dept.)

Randy Zeigler (Council) 


KME Engine – 1000 gallon water tank, 1250 GPM pump

Great Plains Fire Tender – 3000 gallon water tank

Drafting/water supply truck – 1550 GPM pump

Grass/wildfire rig

Rescue/support vehicle

Honda 4-wheeler ATV

Polaris Ranger rescue/wildfire rig

Fire and Rescue now accepting application for new members. This is a great opportunity to serve our community.

Pay Per meeting and per call. Pension plans available for members.

Please fill out the APPLICATION 

Mail to: PO BOX 125 Fifty Lakes, MN 56448 or Drop off at City Hall M-F 9-2